Friday, August 19, 2016

Residential Life

This week the biggest topic of conversation among DSU employees is the return of the students.  Mostly we are excited to start another year and get the projects we spent the summer planning underway.  Some of us (custodial staff, *cough, cough), have been complaining about the arrival of students because it has been a mad dash to clean and prepare the residential halls.  Whatever the case, we’ve all worked hard to prepare and now we’re looking forward to welcoming them.

Classes will not start until August 29 so there is yet time for the students to enjoy the last vestiges of summer.  Many will convene on campus beginning next week to settle into their residential halls and shop for all the essential school supplies and room d├ęcor.  

For many of the students, the best part of college is living in the halls.  Speaking from personal experience, all of my best memories of college happened in my dorm.  Somehow even the unpleasant experiences make for good laughs now – like that time a guy waited for an unsuspecting person, me, to start a load of laundry and walk away before jamming his clothes in with mine.  And then there’s the pranks we pulled. I used to lob snowballs at my friends through their open windows (because we all know that radiators inevitably blast heat. It's a given in college dorms). But don't get any ideas. There are rules against throwing snowballs on the DSU campus. 

Residents of Tubman Hall, 1971
Dear Students, I wish you the best of luck this year and hope that you will make plenty of memories! Revel in your college years because they pass too quickly!  Enjoy the social atmosphere of  the residential halls, but also work hard, eat right, and don't forget to visit the library! Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. 

Conwell Hall c. 1970-1980

A resident of Medgar Evers Hall

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