Monday, June 20, 2016

Dan's Fellowship in Review

Written by Dan DelViscio

I’ve spent a wonderful nine months here at Delaware State University, but my fellowship is unfortunately winding down now. So I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone here at the William C. Jason Library for being such great working colleagues. It was truly a pleasure to meet and work in the same environment as all of you.

I’m happy to say I will be walking away from this job with a better understanding of archives and archival work. I’ve learned that it takes much more than just knowledge of processing collections and organizing them into nice neat document boxes. It’s having the ability to juggle multiple projects. It’s corresponding with colleagues and doing the proper research to ensure all the right information is available to researchers using the collections. And it’s working in an intelligent manner that ensures accountability and integrity.

I didn’t know much about Delaware State University before I came here from Philadelphia, but having immersed myself in the collections and reading about the history of the university I can definitely say I’m better for the experience. My main responsibilities were to process two major collections transferred to the archives by the Office of Public Relations and the Office of Alumni Relations. Both collections are photographic in content and contain depictions of some of DSU’s earliest students, faculty, and presidents. The collections will definitely be integral resources in the DSU archive’s holdings and I’m truly proud to have worked on them.   

I will definitely be using the things I’ve learned here in my next job, but I hope to come back some time and see how everyone is doing, and hopefully to see the new archives space complete with an archival exhibit. I wish Rejoice the best going forward, and hope the archives at DSU continues to grow in its new location on the first floor of the library. Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Board of Trustees Minutes 1891-1927

Written by Joy Scherry

I am very pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the minutes of the Board of Trustees from 1891-1927 and 1956-1969!  

The university archives has proudly maintained a near-comprehensive run of Board of Trustee minutes from 1968 to current day.  In discussions with university administrators, it had always been assumed that Board of Trustee minutes prior to 1968 were forever lost or perhaps in some cases never recorded. This was a perceived reality that we readily accepted. That is, until last month…

In May I had the honor of meeting President Emeritus William B. DeLauder to discuss the recent improvements of the archive and my plans for its’ future.  Dr. DeLauder surprised me by gifting a number of historic DSU materials he had worked to preserve in his retirement.  They included bound volumes of early Board of Trustee minutes.

In partnership with the “unofficial historians” of the DSU community, I look forward to discerning new information and piecing together a better understanding of the first decades in DSU’s 125 years of service.   The minutes and other items may be viewed at the archives in the William C. Jason Library Monday through Friday from 8:00 -4:00.
"The Trustees of the State College for Colored Students met for organization at the Hotel Richardson at 1:30 o'clock P.M. today, present Charles B. Lore, Daniel M. Ridgely, George W. Marshall, Henry P. Cannon and Henry C. Conrad...

"...The Secretary was directed to advertise for proposals for a suitable site for the [?] college, in the newspapers of the state."