Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DSU Resources available at Delaware Public Archives

This week’s blog post follows up on some information provided in a recent post about the materials held by the Delaware Public Archives (DPA) that pertain to Delaware State. The following list describes materials held by DPA that relate to Delaware State University.

Photograph Collections

Delaware Economic Development Office (RG 1306.029):
Photographs taken for state Development Office promotional activities, especially for promotional publications.

Delaware State News photographs (RG 9210.013.011):
Photographs taken by staff photographers for use in the Delaware State News.

General Photograph Collection (RG 1325.003.036):
The General Collection is primarily the result of small donations by individuals or organizations. Because of the nature of the collection, a wide range of subjects and time periods are represented. Major subjects include business and industry, churches, city and town scenes, state and local government leaders and activities, houses, local events, portraits, public buildings, recreation, schools, and various types of transportation.

Insurance Evaluation Reports (RG 1305.005):
Inspection and survey of insurance coverage from the Insurance Company of North America on the property supervised by the Board of Trustees of the Permanent Budget Commission. The reports show the findings of inspection and survey of properties monitored by the board. Included in the information is a fire rate analysis, fire prevention recommendations, estimated insurable value of buildings, current policy and form analysis, extended coverage endorsement, contents coverage, and suggested changes to existing policy. Reports have been digitized and are available on the Delaware Heritage Collection.

Project Delaware (RG 9015.000):
A series of aerial view slides documenting the coastal areas of the state in 1970. Includes some interior parts of the state, especially waterways. Images have been digitized and are available on the Delaware Heritage Collection.

Other Collections

Attorney General’s General Administrative Files (RG 1560.023):
Subject files maintained by the Attorney General concerning activities of the office throughout Delaware. Attorney General David Buckson’s files contain two folders relating to the denial of service to Delaware State College and University of Delaware Students at Dover’s Hollywood Diner in 1962.

Board of Trustees of Delaware State College (RG 8300.000):
Proceedings of the Investigation of Howard D. Gregg, President of Delaware State College in 1947. Records are confidential.

Construction Documents (RG 1340.002.049):
Construction specifications and architectural drawings relating to projects overseen by the Delaware Division of Facilities Management. Records are confidential and require advance notice for access.

Delaware State College Building Specifications (RG 8300.002):
Building specifications for gym, girls dormitory, and pasteurization plant. Records are confidential and require advance notice for access.

Educational Directories:
Published by the Department of Public Instruction/Department of Education, the educational directories list all of the school districts and institutions of higher learning in the state. Educational directories also list names of administrators and educators at the various schools and institutions.

Enrolled Bills:
Original bills passed by both houses of the Legislature between 1776 and 1959. Entries show the General Assembly session number, bill number, title of bill, signatures of Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, bill clerks of House and Senate, Clerk of the House, Secretary of the Senate, and Governor, plus time and date of Governor's approval. Governor's signature was not part of final bill until 1898. Each bill also includes all amendments and resolutions. Enrolled bills can be searched by keyword through DPA’s online Collection Gateway.

George Vapaa Papers (RG 9200.V03.001):
A part of the Small Manuscripts Collection, the Vapaa Papers consist of typed transcriptions of interviews conducted by George Vapaa, a former Kent County Agricultural Agent. One of the interviews in the collection was conducted with Dr. Willie G. Adams from the Delaware State College and Extension Service. Interviews generally discussed subjects’ life and family before moving to Delaware and their careers in the state.

Governor’s Papers (RG 1302.007):
The records consist of proclamations, oaths of office, official’s bonds, commissions, extradition requests, appointments, resignations, correspondence, reports, accounts, pardons, and other general inquiries. Records are arranged chronologically by governor and thereunder by subject.

Governors Bacon, Carvel, Boggs, Terry, Peterson, Tribbitt, Castle, and Minner all have files relating to Delaware State College/University.

Newspaper Clippings (RG 1325.003.008):
A convenience collection of Delaware newspaper clippings concerning people and topics of historical interest created for research room and staff use.

A special thanks to Reference Archivist Katie Hall of Delaware Public Archives for assembling this helpful information for us!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

11th Anniversary of name change to Delaware State University

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Written by: Leigh-Anne Yacovelli

Today’s post celebrates the 11th anniversary of the day that Governor Thomas Carper signed the name change from Delaware State College (DSC) to Delaware State University (DSU) into law. This important event stemmed from a unanimous vote made on September 10, 1992 by the DSC Board of Trustees to conduct a study on the merits of changing the institution’s name. By May 13, 1993, they agreed it was a wanted change, and authorized the DSC’s president to send a formal request for name change to the General Assembly. 
Visit the Archives to read this report.

Why is it so important? After all, the size of the institution does not tip the scale from a college to a university. By 1991, different states developed different rationales for changing the name of an institution from college to university. Some states insisted the school be able to provide doctoral degrees, while others had to offer a minimum number of graduate degrees, or a minimum number of students enrolled in degrees not designed to produce teachers.

The designation of “university” resonates as a solid, worthy institution. For instance, institutions carrying that designation are more likely to gain notice over those simply labeled “college” when donors are deciding on where to contribute their money. For DSC, a name change would bring it on par with many of its peer institutions. The Board of Trustees noted in a background paper supporting the name change (written for the Governor and members of the Delaware General Assembly) that, of the 17 historically black land-grant institutions, only DSC and Fort Valley State College (in Georgia) are not designated as “university.”

If you want to learn more, come visit the archives or check out our past posts on DSU history.