Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Promoting the Archives

Written by: Emily R. Cottle

In addition to promoting the Archives to our fine blog readers, during this past spring, I also attended two conferences to get the word out about our young repository. 

At the end of April, I presented as part of a panel at the Mid Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) spring meeting in Rochester, NY featuring individuals charged as the first professional archivists in their institution’s history. This session focused on the challenges of building an archive from scratch and the ongoing challenges that young repositories face.
Poster from the MLA/DLA conference.

In May, I presented a poster at the joint conference of the Maryland and Delaware Library Associations in Ocean City, MD. Here the focus was on the ways that the Archives has had to work to fit into the existing library structure and highlighting some of the similarities and differences between the Archives and the rest of the library. 

It’s always fun to get out and talk about our repository and spread the word about all the exciting work we’re doing here.

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