Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fashion Tips from The Hornet

From The Hornet, May 29, 1955.
Written by: Cale McCammon

With the cold weather finally letting up and commencement celebrations underway, it’s time to consider what you should be wearing if you want to be fashionable this summer. The May 29, 1955, issue of The Hornet suggests a “dainty off-the-shoulders blouse with the pin pleated skirt.” For colors, consider the following: “blue sky, sun white, sandalwood red, avocado, sun pink, butterpale, shrimp, pinkviolet, tangerine, shell p[i]nk, goldenrod, and mauve.”

Our collection of The Hornet extends from 1950 to the present. You can find many recurring columns like this one which offer interesting glimpses into student life back in the day, and you might even walk away from them with a better fashion sense.

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