Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Rules? Or More Fun Breaking Rules?

Written by Joy Scherry

“Back when I was your age, we walked to school in 3 feet of snow, uphill both ways…”  So starts the classic tale of woe we hear from our elders as they try to elicit our sympathy for their supposed hardships.  Have you ever stopped to wonder how different their educational experiences really were?  Take a look at these excerpts from a 1964 Delaware State College student handbook to see some of the rules students were expected to obey.  Did your predecessors have more rules or did they just have more fun breaking the rules?  That is the real question!

"Attendance at the College is a privilege and not a right."

"All rooms must be thoroughly cleaned on Saturday morning and may be inspected any morning during the week."

"Women students are required to sign out when leaving the campus for town, church, or any other campus events."

"Women students are not permitted to enter any automobiles except their parents' or guardians' without the permission of the Dean of Women."  

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  1. Times have certainly changed, haven't they? Thanks for an interesting article! Look forward to more.