Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Course Catalogs

Written by: Cale McCammon

Cover of the 1947-48 catalog.
While a selection of recent course catalogs is now available online, the Archives has a run of the course catalog from 1947 to 2006. In addition to containing descriptions of courses, which may be useful if you ever need to provide proof of what you learned at DSU, the catalogs also provide comprehensive trivia about the university across many academic years. This information includes descriptions of the physical plant, the rate of tuition, the academic structure of the university, and the curricula of each discipline. The early catalogs even outline some of the university’s policies on student life which really demonstrate how times have changed. Here are some regulations from the 1947-1948 catalog:
  • “The College encourages simple and inexpensive dressing for all students. They are expected to wear warm, comfortable clothing, and to refrain from the use of wearing apparel that will endanger their health or that is inappropriate.”
  • “No young lady may receive ‘off campus’ men friends without the approval of the Matron or Adviser to Women.”
  • “Any student who marries while enrolled in this College without first receiving permission from the president may be asked to withdraw.”
Whether you need to reassure someone about that course you took years ago or whether you want to be reminded that student life has in many ways gotten easier, you are sure to find what you need in our collection of catalogs.

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