Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Honors Day

Written by: Emily Cottle

Last week on April 3, 2014 Delaware State University held its 41st annual Honors Day program.
The archives have a collection of programs dating back to the third annual honors day program held April 27-28, 1976.
President Luna I. Mishoe speaking at Honors 
Day festivities on April 13, 1983.

The following note from the Honors Council, the sponsors of Honors Day, appears in the aforementioned program from the 1976 event:

Honors Day was established two years ago as an annual event in recognition of academic achievement. In a format which enables students to present original research papers and exhibits, academic excellence at Delaware State College is made visible to all students and faculty. Through lectures or panel discussions the meaning and value of the pursuit of excellence is stressed. In addition, departmental scholars, students in the Honors programs, and students achieving membership in national honor societies are recognized.

Some of the programs from the 1990s even include summaries of student papers and projects.

In addition to these event programs, we have a number of photos documenting honors day activities dating back to the 1980s.

Come visit the archives to view any of these materials and learn more about the history of the Honors Day program.

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