Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Caring for your family photographs

Written by: Emily Cottle

Here in the archives we’ve been doing a lot of work on photograph collections lately and thought that our readers might benefit from a few tips for dealing with your own family photograph collections.
The following are just a few of the great resources available online to help you get started with preserving your family’s materials.

Below are a summary of just a few of the tips you’ll find in the sources listed above:
  • Photographs last longest in areas that are a stable (preferably cool) temperature that is not damp.
  • Avoid using rubber bands to group photos as they dry out and stick to the photos, causing damage.
  • Use photo corners to mount items in scrapbooks or albums – that way you can easily remove the photos and you avoid putting glue or adhesive directly on the photos.
  • Store photos in boxes with lids and without handholds if possible to prevent dust and pests from damaging photos.
  • Avoid framing and leaving valuable family photographs on display for long periods of time. Instead, make a copy and display that. Fading caused by light damage is irreversible.

Visit the sites listed above to learn more or post specific questions in the comments below.

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